# Thursday, 22 September 2005

Fluorescent lights are funny things

I have been having problems with the light in my office for a few days, and decided that it was the starter than needed replacing. My dear wife bought a new one, and it worked fine.
One would think that would be the end of a very short and equally dull story, but...
...two days later it started misbehaving again. Instead of coming on straight away, it was taking some time to come on. After a few days, it stopped coming on at all. Just the ends of the bulb were lit.
At this point, I decided it might be the bulb, so I took one from the play room, which I know works, and put it in my office. This did the same as the office bulb, implying it wasn't the bulb, but the (brand new) starter.
I then took the starter form the play room and put that in my office... and it didn't work either!! The bulb and starter than worked fine there, didn't work here.
To cut an increasingly long story moderately short, I have since decided that fluorescent light bulbs do not obey the normal laws of physics, and are actually subject to another set of laws altogether. These of course are not understandable by the human brain.
This morning, my wife reminded me that I hadn't put a starter in the light fitting in the Boogle (which was also part of the "swapping them around" experiment). I pointed out that this was because the starter was faulty. Just to prove this, I put it back in and, erm, it worked fine!!
Must be that bucket of sheep entrails () I sacrificed to the Great God Of Fluorsecent Lights this morning
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