# Thursday, 14 September 2006

I'm in love with a big blue frog

Actually I'm not, but here we go anyway...

You know how you sometimes remember something really stupid from years back? Well, I do anyway :-D

So the other day we were sitting around the table, and I suddenly burst out singing "I'm in love with a big blue frog" which, for those of you with enough sense not to remember, was featured on the Muppet Show many years ago. It turns out that the song was actually first done by the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, back in the days when people thought that this kind of thing was funny!! I think they later regretted it. It was as embarrassing to them as Laughing Gnome was to David Bowie.

Anyway, I digress (as usual). Having got this in my mind, I couldn't get rid of it, so did a quick search and came up with the words (shown a bit lower down). I also found some MP3 extracts of the original, so if you want to sing along, these should give you an idea how the tune goes.

First the original by Peter, Paul and Mary. I couldn't find any MP3s of the Muppets version, but discovered that Disney put out a CD of silly songs, which included their version. I even found that for the princely sum of just 79p, you can buy the whole song. I did :-S

Anyway, here are the words. Enjoy...

Im in love with a big blue frog,
A big blue frog loves me.
Its not as bad as it appears
He wears glasses and hes six foot three.

Well Im not worried about our kids,
I know theyll turn out neat.
Theyll be great lookin cause theyll have my face,
Great swimmers cause theyll have his feet!

Well Im in love with a big blue frog,
A big blue frog loves me.
Hes not as bad as he appears,
Hes got rhythm and a phd.

Well I know we can make things work
Hes got good famly sense.
His mother was a frog from philadelphia
His daddy an enchanted prince.

The neighbors are against it and its clear to me
And its probly clear to you
They think value on their property will go right down
If the family next door is blue.

Well Im in love with a big blue frog
A big blue frog loves me
Ive got it tattooed on my chest
It says p.h.r.o.g. (its frog to me!)

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