# Wednesday, 25 October 2006

The great fishing trip and "new" Macdonald's farm

We went to Burrs country park for a Chol Hamoed Succos outing. One of Aryeh Yehuda's friends had been some weeks before, and had caught fish in the river. The children were keen to try the same.

After some initial searching, we found a spot that had some fish. Armed with nets and a jam jar, we spent a happy hour or so in a battle of wits with the fish. We managed to catch about 18 altogether, with Nechoma Bryna catching the first, Aryeh Yehuda catching the most, Eliyohu catching the most at one time and Shayna Brocho catching the biggest (albeit with rather a lot of help from me), so everyone was happy...

We took them home and put them in a large plastic bowl, for want of anything better. The following day, we went off to a local pet shop, where we bought a small tank. Along with some gravel from the main PSG fish tank, the fish had a new home.

The aforementioned friend of Aryeh Yehuda had given him one of his fish, which was living in a (different) jam jar on a shelf in the kitchen. Originally, he had been named Elbow, after Chana Liba's first attempt at pronouncing "Wilbur" (our short-lived baby fishy friend of some months ago), but Shayna Brocho decided that "Macdonald" was a far more suitable name (what do you mean, "why?"), and that stuck.

Logically, if Macdonald was in a jam jar on the shelf, then the collection of fish in the new tank should be "Macdonald's farm" - and so it was. Sadly, Macdonald himself, having survived several weeks in his jam jar, unexpectedly expired the very day he was to have joined his friends in the farm.

So, now we have a second tank of fish, a little smaller than the main PSG tank. It turned out that the fish are minnows...

Apparently, they are one of the few native British fish that will take well to an aquarium. Ours have already got used to flake food. They can grow to about 4", if they don't get eaten by pikes or trout first. Due to the curious lack of pike and trout in our small tank, I think they shold be safe!!

The only sad part of this is the events of last Shabbos. I came down on Shabbos morning to find that three fish had managed to jump out of the tank during the night. I guess the lid must not have been on firmly enough, although it looked OK to me. What was even more sad was that another jumped out later that same day. Given that we hadn't lost a single fish due to our bad care, it was sad to lose four in one day. We still have 14 left, and hopefully they will grow.

To end off on a happy note, here is a picture of Chana Liba enjoying the riverside...

Chana Liba on a rock

End of fishy tales for today.

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