# Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Our 15th wedding anniversary

It is our 15th wedding anniversary today! Hard to believe it, but she really has put up with me for that long!

To mark this historic occasion, I decided it would be nice to buy the Mrs a new pair of candlesticks for Shabbos. The ones she has are old brass ones that were passed down from my great-grandmother. Whilst there is a certain sentimental value to them, they are looking a little past their sell-by date, and one of them leaks wax quite badly.

So, off to the shops I went, with my 50p in my hand. Hmm, it seems that candlesticks cost a bit more than that! I had to spend nearly 80p on her! Good job I like her eh?

Anyway, after breakfast, we had an official presentation. As you can see, Chana Liba did the honours by handing over the present...

Carefully watched by Eliyohu, she opened the package, and was (thankfully) pleasantly surprised by the contents...

Spot the happy Mummy! Good job you can't see the tears in her eyes!

When it was all over bar the soppy bits, it was time for a family picture. For obvious technical reasons (as I haven't worked out how to use the timer on my camera yet), I could not be behind the camera and in front of it at the same time (as I haven't mastered faster-than-light travel yet), so I'm thankfully not in this picture. Those of you with strong stomachs can imagine what it would be like with me in...

Well, that's it for another 15 years. Better get saving.

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