# Tuesday, 07 August 2007

There's no such thing as coincidence, even if you can't work out why!

As we were just setting off on our outing yesterday, one of the children opened the sliding window on the side of the car. For some inexplicable reason, the window exploded into squillions of pieces, leaving shattered glass inside and out.

After spending rather longer than we would have liked cleaning up the broken glass, I then had the boring and frustrating job of trying to find somewhere that would fit a replacement window.

Given that there are plenty of window replacement people in the area, including at least four main Volkswagen dealers, the fact that my eventual choice of company was a Volkswagen dealership in Swansea was by no means a high probability. When I mentioned the name of the dealership to the Mrs, she pointed out that this was the exact garage that had originally registered the car when it was new. When I gave the registration number to the chap when booking it in, he asked me if it was a Swansea number as he recognised it (sad waste of a brain, but that's another story).

So, I was left wondering what this all meant. We bought the car from someone in Kendal (for the geographically challenged, this is in the Lake District, north-west England, and a long way from South Wales), and had ended up taking it back home for a new window. Not just the area where it was registered, but to the exact same garage.

Surely there must be some deep cosmic significance in all of this. Out of all the areas in our green and pleasant land, we could have gone on holiday anywhere. Even having come to this area, the window could have smashed at any time. Even having a smashed window in this area, we could have gone to any one of a large number of places to have it fixed. Why did it work out that we took the car back to its place of registration?

Unfortunately, having contemplated it for some time, I still can't think of anything to conclude from the whole episode, other than advising people not to smash their car windows whilst on holiday.

Bit of a disappointing ending really. Sorry.

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