# Monday, 27 October 2008

Hurray, she's put on some weight!

Just a quickie as I have some encouraging news.

On Friday afternoon, they started giving Chaya Devoira a high energy formula, along with the mother's milk that she was having. The idea was to try and get extra calories into her to build up her weight. Due to her weak heart, more extra nourishment is needed to keep her heart going, so less is available for growth. The high energy stuff is supposed to provide enough to allow for growth as well.

Boruch Hashem, they weighed her today (Monday) and she has put on 180 grams. This doesn't sound like much, but it's probably around a 9% increase in her total body weight in three days. Seen like that, it's pretty good.

They are keeping her in for a little longer as they want to be certain that the increase is consistent. Unfortunately, they won't give us any idea of how long they want to keep her, but we are hoping that if she shows a consistent increase, they may let her out before Shabbos.

Thanks again to everyone who sent such kind wishes, and thanks to everyone who has davenned for her. Please keep davenning for Chaya Devoira bas Sharon Yehudis as she's not on the home run just yet!

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