# Friday, 05 December 2008

Back in hospital again

Unfortunately, Chaya Devoira has gone back into hospital. Her breathing was a little laboured yesterday, but not enough to be significant. However, it got worse during the night, and we took her to the doctor this morning. He recommended taking her down to the hospital, where she was admitted and sentenced to three or four days servitude. The saturation of oxygen in her blood was low, so she is back on an oxygen feed again. They tried to insert a breathing tube up her nose (the nostril that doesn't have the feeding tube), but they couldn't get it to go in, and she got so upset by this, that they gave up. She seems to be managed OK on the oxygen feed through the mask though.

It looks like she has bronchiolitis, which is not a spelling mistake, but is an infection of the twiddly little passages in the lungs (bronchial tubes, as opposed to the larger bronchal tubes, which are what get infected with bronchitis). To quote from the NHS web site...

"Bronchiolitis is a common respiratory infection that affects babies and young children. It occurs when the smallest airways in the lungs, called the bronchioles, become infected and inflamed, leading to a build-up of mucus. This makes it harder for the child to breathe because the amount of air entering the lungs is reduced." Read the full article here.

Sadly, this means the Boss will miss the kiddush, which is supposed to be happening this Shabbos. The doctors don't seem too worried about Chaya Devoira, as it is a very common infection, and not dangerous. They are keeping her in as a precaution, as her delicate medical condition means that they need to monitor her closely during any infection or illness.

The silver lining in this cloud is that they have given them an isolation cubicle, which is fairly large, isolated from the main ward, and with a real bed for the Boss. This means that she can have some quiet, privacy, and a decent rest.

More bulletins as events warrant. Good Shabbos to you all, and if you live nearby, please come in for a l'chaim on Shabbos morning.

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