# Monday, 15 December 2008

Hurray, they're home!

Boruch Hashem, the Boss and Chaya Devoira came home this lunchtime. The doctor came round this morning, and was contemplating the oxygen levels. He tried turning off the feed altogether, and watched as her saturation levels dropped a few percent below the acceptable level. He turned it back on again, then off again. In the end, he decided to send them home before the levels dropped any further! I think he was satisfied that everything was fine, and wasn't worried about one or two percent on the level.

When she told me that they were ready to come home, I called to Simcha (who was the only one home at the time) and told her that Mummy and Chaya Devoira were coming home. She grinned and jumped in the air. The two of us danced around the kitchen for a few minutes before getting in the car.

So, we are complete again. IY"H we will stay this way now - although I've said that before! They are going to review her case on Thursday, so we should find out about the operation by the end of the week.

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