# Monday, 22 December 2008

Couple of pictures

Thankfully, life has been pleasantly dull, with no unexpected visits to the hospital. This make blog entries short, which is fine by me!

The only slightly exciting thing that happened was that Chaya Devoira's tube came out again, which resulted in a brief visit to the hospital to have it put back in again. Like last time, I took the opportunity to remind myself what a lousy photographer I am, as I tried to get a decent picture of her. This was the best I could manage...

Chaya Devoira

Not outstanding, but about as good as I have managed. She looks a little surprised, but I guess that's understandable as I was flashing lights right in front of her!

The shame of it is that she has a smile that lights up her whole face, but it's impossible to guess when she's going to give it. I have a hard disk full of pictures of her about to smile, and having just smiled, but haven't yet caught the actual moment. Oh well, I'll keep trying :)

On the other hand, Simcha is dead easy to photograph! Apart from being very photogenic (bli ayin horo), she also smile pretty much all the time. Here she is jumping for joy...

Simcha Jumping

One of her favourite pastimes is washing up. She will pull the stool into the Boogle (which, for the uninitiated amongst you is the small room where we keep the washing machine, dryer, Pesach kitchen, etc), climb up so she can reach her pinafore, drag the stoll back into the kitchen and climb up in front of the sink, ready to wash up...

Simcha Washing Up

I only hope she is as enthusiastic about it when she is able to do it properly!

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