# Sunday, 28 December 2008

The tube came out - twice - and we didn't go to hospital!

An amazing thing happened. Chaya Devoira's feeding tube came out twice this weekend, once on Thursday night, and once on Shabbos, and we didn't go to the hospital! On both occasions, the Boss managed to get it back in again. I think she's ready for the nursing exams!

Unfortunately, Chaya Devoira's breathing has been laboured for the last day or so, and she seems to have some kind of bug. The nurses came to see her this morning, and they weren't happy. As they seem to trust the Boss to be sensible, they gave her the benefit of the doubt, and let he stay home. They are coming back tomorrow to see how she is. I have this nasty feeling that they may end up back in hospital again.

Ho hum, here we go again!

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