# Sunday, 22 February 2009

I came home, but they didn't!

After all the build-up, we woke up on Friday morning to be told that Pendlebury had had an emergency admission at 5am, and there wasn't a bed for Chaya Devoira. After some discussions over the telephone, it became clear that she wasn't going anywhere that day. As the following day was Shabbos, and they don't normally transfer non-urgent cases on a Sunday, this meant that she wasn't going anywhere until Monday at the earliest.

We were now left with the difficult decision of what I should do. On the one hand, the children were all safely staying with friends, and the Boss needed me with her. On the other hand, we had told them all that we were coming home, and we were concerned about the effect that not coming would have on them.

After some lengthy discussion, we decided that I should come home by train. The hospital in London said they would keep in contact with Pendlebury, and see when a bed became available.

So, it's now Sunday morning, and they are still there. There is an ambulance booked for tomorrow morning, assuming that Pendlebury can find a bed.

The good news is that Chaya Devoira is doing great, putting on weight nicely and behaving herself. She is totally tubeless, wireless and not connected to any machines at all. You can actually see her pretty little face for the first time in months!

They increased the medicine again this morning (see the post from Thursday about that), and have only one more increase to do. This means that they may be discharged completely on Tuesday or Wednesday - hurray!

Thanks to everyone who sent such lovely messages. We appreciate every one, even if we didn't get chance to respond individually.

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