# Monday, 26 October 2009

Chaya Devoira in a box of balls

On Chol Hamoed, we went to Gulliver’s World (family fun park) for a day out. Chaya Devoira went into a ball pool for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed herself, bashing the balls and chuckling merrily. We realised that this was a very good developmental experience for her (good excuse eh?), and decided to buy some balls and a pool when we came home.

Having been amazed at the price of proper ball pools, we eventually found someone selling inflatable paddling pools for a few quid on eBay. We settled on one of these, and a separate purchase of balls. Having perused the offerings from both Tesco and the Early Learning Centre, who seemed to be about the only reputable people selling them, we went for the ELC balls, mainly due to the fact that the reviews there were good, whereas the reviews of the Tesco ones were largely negative, due to the soft and flimsy plastic used.

The balls arrived this morning. Not knowing quite how many we would need, we bought two hundred, which arrived in a large box. Much to the excitement of the other three little girls (and the complete indifference of Chaya Devoira, who was more interested in her breakfast), we opened them up. Not having the paddling pool yet, I emptied the balls into the box in which they had been delivered, and put Chaya Devoira inside.

The result? Total bliss for one little girl...

Chaya Devoira in a box of balls

For a girl who is supposed to have learning difficulties, she learned pretty quickly how to throw the balls out of the pool and across the kitchen floor! She then spent a very happy half hour bashing away at the balls, until the Boss removed her to get her dressed and off to school.

During the morning, the paddling pool turned up, and is now inflated in the kitchen, full of balls. Chaya Devoira is currently out at an appointment, but will presumably end up in the pool when she gets home. I reckon she will have until about 4:15pm, when the other little girls get home. At that point, she will either be removed to make way for someone else, or she will have company!

P.S. Just as an aside for those contemplating buying these balls, we weren’t hugely impressed with the strength of the ELC ones either. As you can see from the blue ball at the bottom right of the picture, they squash quite easily. I don’t know how well they will last when they get properly bounced upon. It may be that the squashiness allows them to pop back out again without splitting, or it may be that they’ll just split. We’ll see. If you are thinking of buying any, let us know and we’ll tell how these fared!

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