# Monday, 21 December 2009

My very first virus – I am proud!

A virus todayI had my first virus yesterday! No, I don’t mean a cold or flu, sadly I’ve had those before. I mean a computer virus, you know the type that other people get but I don’t ‘cos I’m clever! Well, I’m obviously not as clever as I thought.

For years I never bothered with a virus checker, as I figured they were for daft people who download all and sundry from all sorts of dubious places. However, clever people like me who never download anything dubious, and would only download from trustworthy places, such things as virus checkers weren’t needed.

OK, so this was a stupid attitude, but amazingly enough, I survived for years with it. I finally got an anti-virus program a year or two back, but often wondered why. It sits there checking things, but never finds anything. After all, I’m clever!

Well, yesterday, I clicked on a link in a very well-respected professional forum, and when the expected site appeared, so did a PDF file of rubbish! I couldn’t work out where the file had come from, and was rather surprised when my anti-virus started throwing warnings at me about deadly viruses on my system.

B”H, the anti-virus killed them before they actually hit the computer, so no harm was done, but it did provide a useful life experience, as well as an object lesson in not sitting on your laurels. Apart from squashing them, it can harm your computer.

Don’t know why I bothered writing about this actually. Mind you, I’m not sure why I bother writing about most things that I do, so why should this be any different?

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