# Monday, 18 January 2010

Silver girls go shopping in the snow

A couple of weeks ago, a pretty heavy (for Manchester) snow storm hit us. The girls trudged off to school in the snow, and we set about our daily routine.

Around 10am, we had a telephone call from the girls’ school, saying that they would be closing in ten minutes, and please could we come and pick them up. Good job we were in eh?

So, wrapping ourselves up, we set off for school. As the Boss was due to do some shopping that morning, and was nervous about the snow, I went with her. We borrowed a neighbour’s sledge, as we couldn’t find either of ours, and off we went to collect the girls and take them with us to the shops.

As we came out of one of the shops, a photographer from one of the local rags approached us and asked if he could take a picture of Simcha, who was pulling the sledge along. Shayna Brocho didn’t want to be left out, so posed with her.

Someone cut the picture out and gave it to us...

Simcha and Shayna Brocho shopping in the snow

The quality of the picture isn’t so great, but that’s because I had to scan a crumpled piece of newspaper!

As always happens, life ground to a halt as the country was totally unable to cope with the snow. Nechoma Bryna was away at the time. She had gone to Lvov in Lithuania, to teach in a school there for a couple of weeks. She came home to find the entire country at a standstill due to the snow.

Having just come back from much deeper snow, and seen the local population carry on as normal, she wasn’t impressed! She did stop complaining about the cold though. Every time anyone commented on it, she said “Huh, this is nothing. You should have been in Lvov.” Apparently it was –15 degrees C when she was there. Ouch .

Predictably, the population of Manchester grew significantly over the next couple of days as the children made snowman after snowman. Our courtyard was so full of them that the cars couldn’t have got out, even if they hadn’t been snowed in.

Most of these snowmen were the usual variety, but one in particular caught my eye. This life-sized one was beautifully carved, and was actually a lot better than this photograph shows...

Impressive snowman

It was fun while it lasted, and a huge mess afterwards. And now it's all gone... except they're forecasting more for Wednesday evening!

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