# Monday, 20 December 2010

Chaya Devoira's hearing

a hearing aid (not as pink as the one Chaya Devoira has though)Chaya Devoira had a hearing test today. As our avid reader will doubtless remember, she had a moderate hearing loss in both ears, and was given hearing aids. She coped very well with these B"H, and showed an immediately improved awareness of what was going on around her.

She had another hearing test about five weeks ago, and came home with only one hearing aid. Her hearing had improved in her left ear to the point where she didn't need the aid, and was better in her right ear, although not enough to abandon it yet. We were told that this might be because it was the end of the summer, when all the flu bugs had died, and too early for the winter ones to kick in. We had to take her back in a month to see how she was coping with the cold wet weather.

Well, today was the day, and I'm delighted to report that she came home without any hearing aids! Apparently her hearing has improved to the point that she doesn't need them at all, even though she has a cold, and it's the winter. What's even better is that they don't want to see her again until March, instead of the standard one month that we were expecting.

Well done Chaya Devoira!

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