# Sunday, 04 September 2011

Finally managed a half-decent photo of Chaya Devoira!

As anyone who has a child with Down’s Syndrome will know, they are generally extremely affectionate, loving and characteristic children, but correspondingly difficult to photograph! Despite my best efforts, my attempts to get a decent photo of Chaya Devoira have generally been doomed to failure. Most of them make her look gormless (which she isn’t, but you wouldn’t know if from my photography!) or half-asleep!

There was one very funny photo I caught of her eating a piece of cucumber. She loves food, and grabbed this cucumber as if it were a prized possession. She then climbed up on a chair (I guess where she thought we wouldn’t be able to take it off her!), and ate it with great relish. This photo (actually from the end of May) shows a lovely mischievous face as she keeps half an eye out for intruders…

Chaya Devoira eating cucumber

Anyway, whilst on holiday, we visited Foot Fell Park, which is superbly beautiful park on the southern tip of Lake Windermere. Towards the end of our day there, we had a nosh party (crisps, pretzels, etc) on a secluded piece of grass. I managed to catch Chaya Devoira off guard, and although she isn’t actually looking at the camera, it’s still a nice picture…

Chaya Devoira in Foot Fell Park

It’s taken me nearly three years to get that one! I hope it doesn’t take as long to get the next!

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