# Saturday, 04 August 2007

Torah - it's the Real Thing!

I had a unique experience on Shabbos morning. For security reasons, the sefer Torah that had been brought to the family camp where we are staying was not kept in the makeshift beis medrash, but was kept in someone's flat. Due to restrictions with the extent of the eiruv, we had most of the davenning in the beis medrash, but the leining in the foyer of the flats. In order to get a good position, I went onto the balcony directly over the bima, so I was not only able to see and hear the leining clearly, but had an unusual view. I have never watched leining from almost directly above before, but it gave a whole new angle (pardon the pun) on it.

When hagba was done, the person who had raised the sefer Torah sat down on a chair that had been placed in the most conveninent position, which happened to be directly between two Coke machines. It was an interesting juxtaposition, the holiness of a sefer Torah, surrounded by the epitome of the materialistic Western world.

It brought a new meaning to the words "It's the Real Thing" - although not the ones the Coke people had in mind!

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