# Thursday, 05 March 2009

Goodbye syringes, hopefully forever

Some syringesIt's funny (as in odd, not amusing) how you get used to bizarre things. We have lived with a cupboard full of syringes for the last five months, we've kind of got used to them. Chaya Devoira was being fed through a syringe (down the tube), and she had her medicines from syringes as well.

The NHS has been very forthcoming in its supply of syringes, and we ended up with quite an impressive (and space-consuming) collection. Coupled with the fact that they brought us a whole pile just before she went into hospital the last time, and the fact that they don't normally take them back once they've been in someone's house, we had enough to start a modest medical facility.

I had been contemplating what to do with them all. The nurses said that they couldn't take them back, and we should throw them away. This seemed somewhat wrong to me, but who am I to argue with the wisdom of the NHS?

Therefore, I was mildly amused to discover that there is a fair trade in sterile syringes on eBay! Whilst the proceeds from selling them wouldn't be enough to fund the aforementioned modest medical facility (which we wouldn't open without the syringes), it would have been quite a nice little bonus.

To my dismay, our friendly local Community Nurse decided that she was going to risk sneaking them back in, hoping that no-one would notice. They are all sealed and sterile, so it's not really a problem.

So that was it. They came today, and we piled up her groaning car with boxes of syringes, and away drove my beer money!

At least I have the satisfaction of having saved the NHS a modest amount of money. I hope they are grateful :-)

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