# Sunday, 05 August 2007

Trekking through the forest with a broken sandal

We went up into the Welsh hills today, to visit some important Places Of Great Paddleworthy Significance. We upheld the fine family tradition of paddling, doing justice to the world-famous reputation of our long history of paddling. My Grandfather o"h firmly believed that if there had been an Olympic event in paddling, he and Bim would have won team ribbons for England.

Part of this outing involved a fairly long trek through a forest, climbing towards some apparently magnificent waterfalls. The more observant reader may wonder about the use of the word "apparently" there. It was actually carefully chosen, as we never actually made it to the end, due to the younger yummy scrummies being exhausted after so much paddling. We saw one minor waterfall, but missed the big 'uns.

Part way up, one side of the rear strap on my right sandal broke. This made wearing the sandal a somewhat flappy, if not too uncomfortable experience. Shortly afterwards, the other side of this strap broke as well, leaving me with something more akin to a flip-flop on my right foot. This made walking quite challenging.

Whilst pondering the difficulties of trekking through uneven terrain with a broken sandal, it occurred to me that this sort of footwear was perfectly normal in Biblical times. It's no wonder they spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness to get to Eretz Yisroel if their sandals were anything like mine! Mind you, I don't suppose they bought cheap rubber ones for £1.99 in a bin-end shop, so it might not have been that bad.

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