# Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gittel in a ball pool

A while back, we bought some play balls to make a ball pool for Chaya Devoira. As real ball pools are quite expensive (or so we thought at the time), we bought a small inflatable paddling pool to use instead.

Sadly, the paddling pool wasn’t very good, and deflated itself fairly quickly, leaving us without a ball pool. Still, the balls came into good use as we used to throw them at each other! This was one of the younger girls’ favourite pre-breakfast games, which usually ended up in “Let’s all pelt Daddy with balls” until the Boss came in told us to tidy up as it was time to get dressed!

Anyway, we recently discovered that Argos had some modestly priced ball pools, and so bought one of these as a replacement for the now-forgotten inflatable pool. This was a great success, mainly with Gittel. However, our 200 balls only covered the bottom of the pool, and didn’t really give enough depth for some serious play. So, we decided to invest in some more.

We proudly took possession of 300 more colourful plastic balls today, which almost filled the ball pool to the top. I plonked Gittel down into it, where she sank to her shoulders. However, she enjoyed it tremendously, and even managed to grin for the camera, whilst wearing Chaya Devoira’s new hat, which the Boss had decided to try on her to see how it fitted.

Gittel in a ball pool, wearing Chaya Devoira's new hat

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