# Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Still waiting to go to the ward

11:30am - I'm currently in the hospital's Knowledge and Information Centre (or KIC to its friends), which saves me having to risk more wrist-slapping by using the ICU's PC, or having to wait until I get back to Yol and Jon's tonight. Yolanda has just come to see Chaya Devoira, and they are fairly strict in the ICU about only two visitors per patient, so I have been chucked out! I am off to Covent Garden to buy a present for Chaya Devoira, which we saw the other day whilst having a walk, but didn't buy.

Anyway, after all the excitement of leaving ICU, we didn't! It seems that the ward still aren't ready to take anyone, so we haven't moved.

We aren't too worried actually, Chaya Devoira is absolutely fine B"H, and doesn't need ICU care at all. She's only here because they don't have a bed upstairs yet. Although she doesn't need it, the care is one-to-one here, as opposed to one-to-five on the ward, and it's quieter. No TVs or DVDs being played at obnoxious volumes, or even at any volumes! Suits us.

We had a small smile when the ward manager came around to explain why we hadn't been sent upstairs yet. Due to a printing mistake, her ID card identified her as a "War Manager" - presumably required for when fights break out as to why people haven't been transferred yet :-)

She said that she had spotted the mistake when she got the badge, but was sufficiently amused by it to keep it.

Not a lot else to say. London is grey, but we are bright and cheerful. Chaya Devoira is fast asleep in the Boss' arms (or she was a few minutes ago when I came downstairs, so we can't really ask for more.

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