# Sunday, 07 October 2007

The children visit the sensory garden

Avid readers of this blog (OK, I can dream can't I?) may remember me mentioning the opening of a sensory garden in memory of my grandparents. Well, we were in Leeds last week, so we took the opportunity of showing the children what had been done. Unfortunately, the garden itself hadn't been tended very well, and was in need of some attention. We were told that this was in hand, and it was being prepared for the winter, following which it would be replanted.

All of which leaves me without much in the way of pictures, except for these two...

The children in front of the plaque

Chana Liba in front of the plaque

This second picture came about when one of the people inside the building by the sensory garden saw us, and came out to say hello. He took a shine to Chana Liba, and gave her a big red flower. She duly posed with it, then waved it around so violently that all the petals fell off! Kind of sums her up really :-)

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