# Monday, 28 April 2008

The PSG hits YouTube - will the Internet ever recover?

Having had fun making short video reports for the world-renowned bastion of fine journalism, The Daily Prune, I finally got around to making some of them public.

First off is a video I made on the Friday before Pesach. As first day Pesach was Sunday, this made Friday erev erev Pesach. We were engaged in the usual traditional pre-Pesach activities, such as jumping around in a sack of potatoes. Don't believe me? Just watch...

(to watch the video, just click the small "play" button in the bottom left of the player above. If you click on the big "play" button in the middle of the main video window, it will open the video in a new window on YouTube)

Next is the report of one of the PSG's chol hamoed outings...

I may get around to putting some more of them here if anyone is interested.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought of the videos. Just click the "Comments" link at the bottom right of this blog entry, and then scroll down to where you can leave your comment.

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