# Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Back in hospital, and Simcha is being toilet trained!

As expected, Chaya Devoira is back in hospital. Her breathing was become more strained, and she was working very hard, fighting for every breath. We took her in yesterday lunchtime, and they took her up to a ward in the early evening. She was on oxygen, which helps keep the saturation levels up, but didn't seem to do anything for her breathing.

The doctors are convinced that this is bronchilitis again, whether the same strain or another.

Her breathing was bad during the night, so they transferred her to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) this morning. This is good, in that she will have closer care, but it means that the situation is serous.

With exquisite timing, the Boss had decided to toilet train Simcha this week. Off came the nappy, and out of the house went the Boss! So far, she has done pretty well, with only one accident in 36 hours (excluding sleep time, when she was wearing a nappy). She seems to have the hang of it very well, and goes when asked.

We are running out of sweets though, as I decided to reward her for each successful trip. I don't know how much this has contributed to the progress, but she's eating me out of house and home!

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