# Sunday, 29 November 2009

Back home again

Despite our best hopes, Chaya Devoira was still on oxygen on Thursday, night, which meant they had to stay in hospital over Shabbos. The doctors wouldn’t let her home until she could manage for 24 hours without any oxygen. She was fine during the day, but still needed a bit during the night when her breathing was more relaxed.

Apart from the usual erev Shabbos jobs, this meant that we had to organise food for them over Shabbos. This added to the regular erev Shabbos chaos in our house! It wasn’t helped by the fact that I was coming down with a chest infection, and didn’t really feel like doing anything other than crawling into bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for that, and bashed on anyway. Mainly thanks to my mother (who, along with my father had been staying with us all week) and Nechoma Bryna, we got there in the end.

We spent most of Shabbos wondering how they were doing, and when they would be coming home.

To our delight, we got home from shul on motzei Shabbos to find that the Boss had rung and said they were waiting for us. It was a joyous party that went to the hospital. On the way out of the ward, I stopped to thank the nurses for their care. Ironically, as we left, one of them called out to “See you again!” I felt like saying “I sure hope not!” but decided that this might be misconstrued.

So, we are whole again. Chaya Devoira still has some antibiotics, and has regular doses with an inhaler which she really doesn’t like, but these are a minor price to pay.

I wonder what will be next?

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