# Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Camp Broughton Mews

The boys from the Mews decided to go camping tonight. Apparently this happens every year. Our boys were invited to join the camp, which was a good job as it was in our garden!

By pure hashgocho, I had brought our tent from where some of our stuff is still stored, so between them they had three tents.

These went up in a friendly fashion, with all the tent entrances forming a neat little courtyard...

boys camping

Shortly after this picture was taken, it started to rain. However, when I say rain, I don't just mean ordinary rain, this was rain on a Biblical scale! The bottom of Legh Street was about six inches under water (no, that's not an exaggeration), and the garden was a swamp. This did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm though.

That pile of shoes outside the tents was forgotten in the rush to close the tent entrances, so I don't think any of them are going anywhere tomorrow! That's assuming that their shoes haven't floated away on all this rain ;-)

It's now 9pm. Let's see how many of them actually stay the night there.

9:04pm... Well, it seems my prediction wasn't as far from the mark as it might have been. Our two boys just came in soaking wet. The rain came right through the outer cover and into the tent. They abandoned the plan for the night. Apparently, there are still a few boys out there, mainly because they are too scared to come in! I might have to take a boat across the garden and rescue them.

11pm... Eliyohu braved it again at 9:30pm, and most of the other boys either stayed or went out with him. Aryeh Yehuda is still hanging around in the house, trying to decide if he's going back out as well. Either way, I don't think there's going to be much sleeping there tonight!

Midnight... Aryeh Yehuda finally went out and joined the party at around 11:30pm. One of the boys has taken a tape player out, so there's something that could loosely be described as music blaring out at high volume, together with a whole pile of highly excitable boys, shouting, laughing and having fun. And why not eh? Night night, I want some sleep even if they don't :-D

The following morning... It seems they all lasted through the night, although I don't think they got much sleep. All in all, an interesting experience for them!

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