# Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Two little girls and a football table

Well, having had a rather busy week last week, I didn't get time to post anything here... so time for a quick update.

One little girl

One of the more exciting, if messy things to have happened here was that Simcha started on solids. Her first taste of them was some mushed up carrots, which went down a treat. She has now ventured into mushed up sweet potato, and will no doubt try other mushed up vegetables soon. She did try some carrots that were merely bashed a bit rather than really mushy, but she wouldn't eat those, so it was back to mush!!

Another little girl

Chana Liba started school last week. Having successfully "graduated" from playgroup, she is now officially a Big Girl and goes to school with Shayna Brocho. Despite our slight concerns as to how well she would take to a new environment, she hardly looked back as she went in on her first day. Thankfully, she seems to have settled down well and enjoys it very much.

And a football table

One day last week, Aryeh Yehuda was explaining to me the concept of some complex sounding game that they have in school for wet breaks (not that if ever rains in Manchester of course), and happened to mention that the school were thinking about buying an air hockey table. Now I had been looking at just these very things on eBay only the day before, so I spoke to the school administrator (who lives a few doors away) and told him not to buy one without me checking prices first. He was actually quite happy to let me sort it out for them, so off I went. They wanted two tables for school, and he wanted one for himself.

I sent off messages to a few of the people who were selling new ones, asking what price they would give me for three, and then spotted that one of the sellers also sold football tables...

A football table

I rang the school administrator back and managed to persuade him to buy one of these as well!! They all arrived on Friday afternoon, too late to take them down to school (shame). I decided, purely in the interests of research and quality control, that it would be a sensible idea to assemble the football table and an air hockey table - just to make sure they were in full working order of course :-D

Needless to say, we were very popular on Shabbos afternoon. It was like the World Cup all over again, only more fun. A good time was had by all.

On Sunday, I was speaking to my Mother, and told her about the fun that they had all had with it, and she very generously offered to buy us one!! Thanks Grandma :-)

It's supposed to arrive today. I wish it would hurry up. If it doesn't arrive soon, I might have to resort to doing some work!!

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