# Thursday, 23 July 2009

Chaya Devoira’s check-up

We went to London on Sunday for Chaya Devoira’s latest check-up. This was a routine one, just to keep an eye on her after the operation.

B”H, they were very pleased with her. The slight leak on one of her valves is still there (makes her sound like an old car!), but they are not worried about it at all. They took her off one of the two medications that she was still on. They left the other as it helps give her heart a little more oomph, which will help her cope with the leak.

We are going back in early Feb, and hope that they will take her off this other medication as well.

Other than that, she’s doing great. B”H, she’s developing a lot better than we had expected, and whilst it’s too early to say for sure, it does look hopeful for the future.

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