# Tuesday, 07 October 2008

Boruch Hashem, some encouraging news, but still in hospital

Tuesday 5pm

We had been waiting for a few results to see what the situation was. Of these, the heart issue was the most serious.

The cardiologist came today, and said that as far as he was concerned, she could go home. This was wonderful to hear! He said that they can give her medicine to regulate her heart until she is about six months old,
when they can do the first of two operations to fix the murmur.

Also good was that she doesn't seem to have a virus, so can come off the antibiotics. She does have a slight abnormality with her thyroid gland, but that's not uncommon, even amongst people without Down's, and can be fixed with medicine. We're still waiting to hear from the respiratory people, but I don't think that's too serious. All of this adds up to an encouraging picture.

Not so good, although boruch Hashem not bad, was the news that they won't let her home until they can see that she is feeding properly from the Boss. Feeding through the tube has its benefits and purposes, but they need to know that she will feed naturally before they let her go. Unfortunately, this means that both she and the Boss have to stay in hospital for feeds every three hours (bleah, broken nights on a military scale!) for at least a day or two more. This means that she will have to stay in over Yom Kippur, which doesn't fill her with glee.

Still, in health terms the news is good, so we are very happy. It's not quite how she would have wanted to spend Yom Kippur, but it's obviously how He wants her to spend it, so who are we to argue! It's a small price to pay for a healthy baby.

A g'mar chasima tova to you all. May Hashem Yisborach multiply his brochos on you manyfold, and may we all only see simcha in the future. We've certainly got a little bundle of that right now!

P.S. I'm intending to get an up-to-date picture later today, so will post it here. I have been a bit reluctant to photgraph her over the past few days as she looked so fragile and vulnerable with all those wires and tubes. B"H most of those have come off now, so she may be up to posing for the camera!

Update 7pm... Well, it seems things may have changed for the better. Apparently the thyroid test can give an abnormal reading at this stage, so they are not going to do anything about that right now. They'll test again in a cople of weeks. More importantly, the dietician had a check, and said that as long as Chaya Devoira is taking enough milk, she can go home. The Mrs asked if that meant her feeding, and was told no. She pushed them a little, and got them to agree to teach her how to feed through the tube, which apparently isn't as simple as it looks. If they are happy that she can do it without problems, they will let them come home. This means that they could be home before Yom Kippur! I'm not holding my breath, but I'm saying Tehillim. Mind you, it would be hard to do both anyway!

I have always felt that Hashem Yisborach has a sense of humour (if I'm allowed to say that), and now I'm sure! Thank you Hashem :-)

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