# Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Heads down, no nonsense mindless boogie

Yeah, bang your head on the floor!!
I just discovered that I can add pictures to this long-haired string-driven blog. Here is a picture of Aryeh Yehuda doing his "move over Jimi" guitar stance in the kitchen...

No, he can't really play the guitar by the way. This was the first time he'd ever even touched one as far as I know!!

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Someone did read it!!

Well, I was wrong, someone did read it!! Two people actually. One was my brother (hello David), which is not surprising as he was the only person I told about it.
I don't know who the other person was, but his comment wasn't the sort of thing you expect to see on a family site so I deleted it. I'll have to see how I restrict comments on this blog.
pause for tinkering...
Well, it seems that you can only have comments allowed or not. You can't allow certain people to comment and not others. I switched comments off. I'll just have to live without the feedback.
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# Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Brand new blog - will anyone read it?

Hmm, why did I start a blog? I've often wondered why people have them. Unless you're someone famous (and maybe even then), it's kind of like saying "Hey, come and read all about me", which sounds somewhat egotistical really.
Maybe I'll write about someone else. There's a new idea for a blog, what someone else is doing!! I could start a trend and make a fortune. Hmm, then people would want to read about me and how I did it, which would mean a blog, which brings us right back to square one!!
I think I'll go and lie down for a while :-)
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