# Monday, 19 September 2011

Nice story that probably isn’t true, but is cute enough to be true!

Charley, a new retiree-greeter at Wal-Mart, just couldn't seem to get to work on time.

Every day he was 5, 10, 15 minutes late. But he was a good worker, really tidy, clean-shaven, sharp-minded and a real credit to the company and obviously demonstrating their "Older Person Friendly" policies.

One day the boss called him into the office for a talk. "Charley, I have to tell you, I like your work ethic, you do a bang-up job when you finally get here; but your being late so often is quite bothersome."

"Yes, I know boss, and I am working on it."

"Well good, you are a team player. That's what I like to hear.”

Yes sir, I understand your concern and Ill try harder.”

Seeming puzzled, the manager went on to comment, “It's odd though your coming in late. I know you're retired from the Armed Forces. What did they say to you there if you showed up in the morning so late and so often?"

The old man looked down at the floor, then smiled. He chuckled quietly, then said with a grin, "They usually saluted and said, Good morning, Admiral, can I get your coffee, sir?

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# Thursday, 15 September 2011

They didn’t really mean that did they?

I went across the road for mincha yesterday, and someone showed me an old siddur that had been left there. being interested in old seforim, I took a look, however, I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw! The title page looked innocent enough at first glance…

An old siddur

Now you probably can’t read the small line of print above the word “Radelheim” (which I assume was the town where it was printed), so here’s a close-up of that bit…

A close-up of the small print

Well, at least they were honest about it!

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# Sunday, 11 September 2011

Brilliant e-commerce site!

HEMA is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on November 4th, 1926, in Amsterdam. Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands.

Take a look at HEMA's product page - just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens. Don’t click on any of the items in the picture, just wait.


This company has a sense of humour and a great computer programmer who has too much time on his hands!

P.S. Before anyone e-mails me to tell me that this isn’t the real catalogue page – I KNOW, I just thought it was funny enough to share.

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Who is it?

OK, this is a bit weird, but it works! If you look at the picture below, you’ll hopefully recognise it as someone pretty famous.

Who is it?

Now, stand as far back from the screen as you can, and look again. Who is it now?

If you can’t see the difference, don’t worry about it! If you can, please tell me how they did it!

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# Sunday, 04 September 2011

Finally managed a half-decent photo of Chaya Devoira!

As anyone who has a child with Down’s Syndrome will know, they are generally extremely affectionate, loving and characteristic children, but correspondingly difficult to photograph! Despite my best efforts, my attempts to get a decent photo of Chaya Devoira have generally been doomed to failure. Most of them make her look gormless (which she isn’t, but you wouldn’t know if from my photography!) or half-asleep!

There was one very funny photo I caught of her eating a piece of cucumber. She loves food, and grabbed this cucumber as if it were a prized possession. She then climbed up on a chair (I guess where she thought we wouldn’t be able to take it off her!), and ate it with great relish. This photo (actually from the end of May) shows a lovely mischievous face as she keeps half an eye out for intruders…

Chaya Devoira eating cucumber

Anyway, whilst on holiday, we visited Foot Fell Park, which is superbly beautiful park on the southern tip of Lake Windermere. Towards the end of our day there, we had a nosh party (crisps, pretzels, etc) on a secluded piece of grass. I managed to catch Chaya Devoira off guard, and although she isn’t actually looking at the camera, it’s still a nice picture…

Chaya Devoira in Foot Fell Park

It’s taken me nearly three years to get that one! I hope it doesn’t take as long to get the next!

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# Monday, 29 August 2011

Banana flies

We learnt an interesting thing yesterday… if you go away on holiday for two weeks, and leave a bunch of bananas in the cupboard, then when you return, you will have a black, smelly mess that once resembled bananas, and a cupboard of flies! If you then open the cupboard door, you will end up with a kitchen full of flies! They are jolly hard to get rid of as well.

However, in the interests of public information, I am able to reveal a secret, but highly effective method of getting rid of them. You wait until they are all quiet and unsuspecting, and you sneak up on them with a vacuum cleaner (preferably with the end taken off the hose), and surprise them. They all fly up into the air, and you can suck them all up! Takes a few goes, but it’s a pretty good way of clearing them out. We got rid of loads that way.

Of course, the best advice is not to forget the bananas in the first place!

More useful advice in future posts… maybe.

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# Tuesday, 02 August 2011

News to make you kvell, Fred Flintstone was Jewish!

Fred Flintstone

I know you can’t believe everything you read, but some things are just so enticing that you can’t bring yourself to question them. I just discovered that the man who did the voice for Fred Flintstone was Jewish! Apparently the man behind the Fred Flintstone was one Alan Reed, born in 1907 as Edward Bergman, who based Fred’s voice on the mannerisms of his zeide from Galitzia, and the arguments he had with his Litvak father (as someone commented, mixed marriages didn’t go down well even in those days!).

Ah, doesn’t it make you shlep nachas that such a fundamental part of our misspent youth was One Of Us? Maybe not, but it’s an interesting bit of trivia!

Read more at Fred Flintstone: A Stone Age Star With A Jewish Voice.

Interestingly enough, the man who voiced Barney Rubble (Fred Flintstone’s next door neighbour for those too young to remember the Flintstones) was Mel Blanc, who was also Jewish. However, as he also did the voices for Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig (somewhat incongruous, but business is business!), Sylvester the cat, Tweety Pie, Foghorn Leghorn, and, well, just about every Hanna-Barbera cartoon character going, I suppose it’s not so surprising that he was behind Barney Rubble as well.

Back with more irrelevant, pointless news right after this commercial break…

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# Thursday, 21 July 2011

Recent picture of Gittel

I just realised that I haven’t updated the blog for, ooh ages, and the most recent picture of Her Gittelness is somewhat out of date.

So, without further ado, we proudly present a slightly less out of date picture, that’s actually from the end of May, so about six weeks old. Ho hum, maybe one day I’ll catch up – maybe not!

Gittel - 31st May '11

Aww, ain’t she cute!

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# Monday, 28 March 2011

Gittel Silver

Following prolonged high-level discussions, we finally decided on a name sometime between Friday night and Shabbos morning, so I named the new baby in shul on Shabbos. She is now officially known as Gittel (Yiddish for “good” which seemed appropriate as she’s scrummy!), although gets called Rivka (by Simcha who had it in her head that we were going to call her Rivka and can’t shift the idea), “Little Gittel” by me (or just LG for short), “pitchkeli” (Yiddish term of endearment for someone small) when I want to wind up Nechoma Bryna, “the baby” by people who can’t remember her name, Chaya Devoira by those who get confused, etc.

Anyway, here is an up-to-date picture of her sleeping, which was taken around 2:30pm today…

Gittel sleeping

P.S. For those who didn’t notice, I turned the blog pink in honour of the occasion!

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