# Thursday, 10 June 2010

Update after many months

Well, having not updated this blog for ages (about seven weeks, but it feels like a long time), I decided it was about time. Trouble is, it’s too late at night to think of anything witty to write (I know, should be in bed), so I’ll compensate with a cute picture of Chaya Devoira:

Chaya Devoira

This was taken on Chol Hamoed Pesach, on a trip to Catalyst, which is a science centre on the Wirral (North-West England for those of you not familiar with our local geography). Housed in an old chemical plant, it had a fairly tall tower, whose top floor had glass walls on all sides, giving a rather good view of the Mersey, one of the bridges over it and, well, lots of other really interesting things!

Chaya Devoira had a great time crawling all over the place at a pretty impressive speed for her rather diminutive size. She will often stop in the middle of one of these crawls and look up to see where she’s going. It was during such a pause that I caught this picture.

The only other exciting thing that’s happened in the Smile Gemach recently is the return of our fish tank. Rather sadly, we had to leave this behind when we moved, as it was deemed unmoveable. The people that bought our house were very pleased to keep it, and we never got as far as getting another one in the new house.

Well, the people in our old house decided (after two years of fish keeping) that they wanted the space for a toy cupboard, and asked if we wanted our tank back. They removed the fish and took them to a fish shop, and I went round and dismantled the tank and cupboard. Unfortunately, my rather impressive (if I do say so myself) background that I built for the tank (click here for a nice picture) had been destroyed when they were trying to catch the fish (they’re a rather active type of fish, and very hard to catch), but apart from that, it was all in good order.

I managed to get the tank fitted in to our new house by the next day, and it was filled with water and ready for fish. For various reasons, it took about a week before we decided what we wanted to put in it, and another week or so before I managed to get to see the person who supplied me with fish before. We have a great arrangement: he supplies me with fish for free, and I fix his computer, which had conveniently just crashed before I rang!

So far, we only have a few fish, as you have to give the tank some time to settle down before putting in the full stock. We currently have four Neolamprologus leleupi, and four Julidochromis transcriptus "gombi." We are intending to get four each more of these two, as well as about eight Pseudotropheus saulosi, one male (the blue one) and seven females (the yellow one). Why they can’t give them simple names like guppies and platies is beyond me! Still, they look very nice. The pictures below are linked directly from other people’s sites (click the links on their names earlier in this paragraph to see more), so if you can’t see them, it means the site owners have moved the pics!

Neolamprologus leleupi
Neolamprologus leleupi

Julidochromis transcriptus "gombi"
Julidochromis transcriptus "gombi"

Pseudotropheus saulosi (blue male, yellow female)
Pseudotropheus saulosi

Well, as I have now waffled on about nothing for far more time than I should, I’m going to stop. Who knows, I might get around to updating this blog again sometime this year!

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