# Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Free program to search Chumash

Following on from the enormous success of my free fancy word program Loquacious (OK, so my brother liked it!), I have decided to release my Chumash Search program on the unsuspecting world. I wrote this some time ago, but never did much with it. Having been asked about it by a few people, I decided to release it.

Chumash Search

Full details of how to download, install and use the program can be found on the Chumash Search page.

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# Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Gittel giggling

Whilst the Boss was taking Gittel and Chana Liba upstairs to bed last night, Chana Liba started jumping around (nothing new there), which set Gittel giggling (nothing new there either). For some reason, Gittel started giggling even more than usual at Chana Liba, so I grabbed my camera, resulting in the following short video…

She was giggling a lot more than this, but she had calmed down somewhat by the time I managed to get the camera. Still, very cute all the same

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