# Sunday, 16 June 2013

Why can’t I have cheesecake for lunch?

I came home for lunch earlier, and asked the Boss what was on offer. She directed me to a pan of pasta, and suggested I have pasta and cheese. As I was about to pick up the pan, I noticed a rather yummy-looking cheesecake just behind the the pan, and suggested that I have some of that instead.

For some odd reason, the Boss didn’t think this was such a good choice for lunch, but I pointed out that cheesecake has both protein and carbohydrate, two essential ingredients for a healthy lunch! She didn’t seem too impressed with this remark.

Undeterred, I had two helpings of cheesecake anyway, which was delicious (thank you Grandma). In response to a further remark from the Boss, I repeated my claim to having had a balanced meal, when she pointed out that there wasn’t actually that much carbohydrate in the cheesecake, as the base wasn’t that thick. Grudgingly agreeing to this, I happened to look in the fridge, and saw the remains of a large trifle that my dear Mumsie had provided for Shabbos. “Ooh, carbohydrate!” I exclaimed happily, and removed it from the fridge.

Due to the family nature of this blog, I won’t describe the look on the Boss’s face at this, but I pointed out that trifle is even healthier than cheesecake, as it has carbohydrate in the cake, protein in the milk in the custard and vitamins in the fruit. OK, so it was tinned pineapple, but it had probably seen a vitamin somewhere along the production line.

Some people think that a balanced diet is a piece of chocolate in each hand. I disagree. I think a balanced diet is cheesecake and trifle!

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# Monday, 10 June 2013

Chaya Devoira’s three word sentence

I took Chaya Devoira and Gittel to the park on Shabbos afternoon. One of the climbing frames there has a sort of arched bridge, over which Chaya Devoira decided to cross. Knowing that she has a problem with steep inclines, I moved towards her to offer some help.

She put on a fierce face (which is hard when she's so cute!) and shouted "No! Yaya!" (which is her way of saying her own name), then broke into a big smile, waved at me and said "Bye bye." She made it very clear that I wasn’t to help her, and she would do it all by herself, which she did.

She repeated the same thing a couple more times whilst we were there.

If someone had told me ten years ago that I would be so excited about a four and a half year old child saying a three word sentence, I think I would been surprised, but truth is, I was chuffed to bits. Whilst she is significantly more vocal than she was six months ago, she is still a long way off proper speech. However, a three word sentence is pretty impressive for her right now.

By contrast, Gittel had just finished reciting the last six of Shakespeare's sonnets, and was moving onto Milton! OK, so that's not quite true, but her speech isn't far off that!

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